Senior couple standing in bare room with stacked moving boxes

Premier Senior Living recently shared these great tips for helping a loved senior prepare to list their home for sale.  We’ve hit some highlights from the article below; read the original post from PSL here.

With life expectancy on the rise, most Americans will need some type of long-term care when they grow old. While there are several options to choose from, most of the time, assisted living is the most practical and cost-effective choice for your older adult. Moving to an assisted living community usually means that the senior has to sell his or her home to cover the cost of care.

Choose an Agent with the right experience.

Selling a senior’s home is not just like selling any other property; not only are memories and emotions involved, but specific procedures must be followed. Find a real estate agent with experience helping seniors sell their homes when the decide to move to a senior living community.

Downsizing is never easy.

Downsizing is always stressful for the senior because of the memories associated with items that can’t be kept. You can help your loved one to make these difficult choices and then decorate the new home so that it invokes good memories of the old one.

First impressions matter.

Some buyers are likely to skip a property that looks like an old person’s home. Invest your time in mowing the lawn, power-washing the house from the outside, and decluttering and depersonalizing the interior.

Read the full PSL article here.