Preparing your home to go on the market can really be key to selling faster and for a better price. Curb appeal improvements are always a good idea, but there’s a lot you can do inside your home as well.

Staging your home for sale doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Think like a buyer, and make it easier for them to envision themselves in your home. Neutral colors, small details, and a little bit of rearranging go a long way toward making your home appealing to buyers.

Depersonalize and declutter your decor.
This is always the hardest step, but one of the most important. Potential buyers want to be able to imagine the space filled with their things – not your personal photos and quirky collections. Box up family photos, clutter, and all but the most neutral of your decor accessories.

Stage your bathroom.
Invest in a set of (inexpensive) all white towels just for show days. They’ll make the room feel fresh, clean, and spa-like.

Add mirrors.
Fill empty wall space with framed mirrors. They’ll add style and will reflect light, opening up your room and making it brighter.

Replace heavy drapes.
If your window treatments are heavy and dark, replace them with breezy sheer curtains to  make your space feel more open. Hang floor length curtains from the ceiling instead of from the top of the windows to extend the visual space of the windows.