Modern dining room styled for home sale

Photo credit: No Vacancy Home Staging

When a home is properly staged, it should highlight the function and beauty of the property so that buyers can more easily imagine themselves living there. Staging is just as important for in-person home tours as it is for online property photos. More than 90% of home buyers search for homes online, and 85% of buyers say it’s the photos that are the most important factor in deciding which homes to view, according to research from the National Association of REALTORS®.

NAR discusses several ways to prep a home for the photo shoot, including:

  • Consider the background. Appropriately displayed art on walls or above a fireplace can add color to the background and enhance the property’s online photos.
  • Clean the light fixtures. Clean lamps, chandeliers, and light fixtures throughout the home. Change out lampshades that may be yellowing on the inside, and be sure to replace any burnt-out light bulbs as well.
  • Avoid common photo blunders. First impressions count the most when buyers are viewing hundreds of photos of homes online. Always make sure that the toilet seat lids are closed in your bathroom shots.
  • Brighten your listing photos. Watch the lighting in the room. When taking pictures, make sure the sun isn’t filtering in. It’s best to snap at dusk or on overcast days. This gives a living space more balanced light.

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